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To Build An AAC Plant
Unique Plant Advantages
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Pouring Mixer

The pouring mixer can batch and mix products of different densities from B03- B07 grades. With the movable lifting pouring device, the problem of flushing away the de-moulding oil and forming big bubbles caused by traditional pouring method can be effectively solved.

Wire- mesh cage

Realizing the automatic welding system for wire-mesh cages of panels without  manual operations for welding work, the special circulatory system of saddle base  can save the plant area and labor costs.

Cutting System

All the steel wire posts are fixed on two main oblique beams and each pair of posts is used to fix only one steel wire, so that the horizontal cutting machine can solve the settlement cracks problem in thin block and panel cutting, and achieve the minimum horizontal cutting thickness of 50MM block out of a whole mould. .


With independent hydraulic control separately, the autoclaved blocks and panels which out of the same mould can be effectively separated, clamped and stacking together, the separated side plate will be transported for cleaning and recycling use. 


Packing System

The finished products are conveyed for packing job, AAC panels will be transported to the workshop for post-processing, AAC blocks are combined and stacked continually for packing. Automatic packing system can realize the automatic rotation, stacking and splicing of blocks, and satisfy different requirements of stacking height from 1.5m to 2.4m.

Control System

Now our control system can realize the high automatic level solution, Remote control room and console can control multiple devices, which realizes the fully intelligent,
automatic production of AAC products.


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