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Cutting machine group

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The stability and accuracy of the vertical cutting machine can both reach the international advanced level. The integral swing frame can ensure the side plate replacement, the cutting can be synchronized with ferry replacement. With the automatic detection system, the broken wire can be timely detected.

(1)The double cutting Conveyor (including conveyor, transmission device, tail wheel, conveyor chain)
(2)Vertical cutting machine(beam, wire cutting, pneumatic device)
(3)Horizontal cutting machine (beam, lifting device, swing device, wire cutting, hydraulic lifting device , pneumatic device)
(4)Plate cutting device (including gouging device, adsorption device, blowing device)
(5)Gouging tools
(6)Cutting T type orbit ,double T-steel
(7)Trench cover

The cake placed in the cutting trolley after de-molding. The trolley carries the cake to achieve six faces cutting after vertical and horizontal cutting which reach set specifications (length ± 2mm ~ width ± 1mm ~ height ± 1mm). The car continues to move to the turning area for peeling process.The Special design of sloping cutting machinery with strength steel wire fixed on the sloping main beams can avoid the gravity cracking and realize the minimum cutting size of 50mm.
a. Technical specifications for cutting machine

(1)Cutting machine manufacture is according to JC/T921-2003 industry standard.
(2)The dimension precision of the cutting block can reach the length± 1mm, the width ± 1mm, the height ±1mm.
(3)The net cake specification for cutting unit & auxiliary equipment design is 5×1.2×0.6m.
(4)Cutting machine can cut the cake of six surfaces.
(5)Cutting machine can produce the product of the level B03-06.
(6)To ensure the cutting precision, the guide rail must be machined and can be adjusted, must be equipped with orbit automatic compensation cleaning device at the same time.
(7)The cutting machine adopts water-washed process to recycle the rim charge & hunch when cutting.
(8) Horizontal cutting device and cutting machine steel wire using the scale of 5mm, the cylinder is tight, the swing and lift of horizontal cutting adopts inverter speed control.
(9) Gouging tools of cutting machine is made of smoothing tool and stocking tool, and meet the production of block and panel at the same time.
(10)Panel cutting device(including the gouging device, adsorption device, blowing device) make sure to remove the waste produced in the cutting process totally, which not affect the cake quality and waste recycling.

b. Cutting machine appearance requirements

(1)Paint surface clean & smooth ,color coordinated.
(2)Plating with uniform color, attached solidly, without plating leak & stripping.
(3) Welding conformed with the relevant national standards.
(4)Without machine damage.
(5) Clear, correct nameplate &logo
Total weight(KG):
Vertical cutting machine9570
Horizontal cutting machine8400


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