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Demoulding crane for green cake

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Walking beam, car frame, guiding device, lifting device. open & close mould device, turning host, positioning device, synchronous device, hydraulic system.
Mould turning machine takes the cakeafter curing,together with ferry car and side plate turning for 90 degrees, then put on the conveyor for de-moulding. After that, lift the empty mould frame back to side plate orbit, combine with empty side plate, go back to mould turning orbit after turn 90 degrees.
The main body drived by both side of driving motor, together with brake, it can realize synchronous frequency control of motor speed, smooth and accurate. Lift device controlled by two lifting cylinder, on its own gravity drop. Guided by the guide wheel of lifting device, synchronous roller which in the middle of lift device let the gear and rack combine together, mechanical synchronization. Both ends of the cylinder control turning hook, hooks the mould car, takes mould car for 90 degrees reverse; Movable mould device which in the middle of the lifting device, de-moulding & mould closing in the case of turning 90 degrees. Lift cylinder, oil cylinder & mould open cylinder all centralized controlled by hydraulic station, ensure stable operation. The main technical characteristics:
(1) Crane lifting, turning, open & close all adopts hydraulic drive, lift must have synchronous device, to ensure lifting oil cylinder synchronization action when lifting mould, ensure mold release without mould.
(2) At the beginning, crane using electrical positioning, mechanical precision positioning, ensure the repeated positioning precision, error is less than 2 mm.
(3) Using grappling hooks, to ensure the reliability of lifting & reversing mould.
(4) Seal hydraulic system, electromagnetic valve, oil tank, hydraulic actuators, avoid oil leakage phenomenon, may not use teflon tape to seal the oil tube; Hydraulic station noise is small, oil laid neatly.
(5) Crane sets up maintenance platforms, crane install 1.2 m security fence.

Equipment weight(KG) ≈7300(without crossbeam column)


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