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Lift pouring mixer head

Once using the lifting pouring device to cast the slurry into the freshly mould cleaned and oiled, the lateral opening device for pouring the slurry acts as a cushion to the slurry's fall, so that the oil layer wont be washed away and which can also avoide the slurry splash and large pores . The whole casting cycle is 4~6min.

Pouring body, fixed holder, movable support, guide wheel assembly, discharging pipe, lower hopper, the lower frame etc.

The pouring head is mainly used for guiding the amount of slurry which is treated by the mixing process to pour into the ferry car, so as to the next step process of the slurry.

A certain amount of slurry treated by the mixing process, controlled by pneumatic butterfly valve, slurry guided by discharging pipe, buffer dispersed by the pouring body, carry out pouring movement under the gravity, so as to pour the slurry into the ferry car smoothly.

Total weight(KG) ≈ 1060


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