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A.Raw Material Chemistry Analisis & Formula Design
* Raw material chemical and physical analysis data  
* Customized formula design
* AAC block/panel technical process research
* New product development research
* Testing of finished sample according to qualified standards
B.Equipment Scope Design & Investment Scope Overview
* Customized equipment scope design
* Suggest  locally purchased equipment scope to reduce the cost
* Investment scope overview
C. AAC Plant Engineering & Ex-factory Commissioning
* Completed plant layout design according to customer’s land
* Ex factory loaded commissioning of host equipement
* Multi-machine linkage commissioning of key equipments
D. Project Service
* Professional guidance regarding process engineering
* Project installation supervision
* Production management and operational support
E. Extra Service
* Personal training & local service & Documentation/ Software
* 24/7 TeamViewer support via remote service
* Market development & Product applications consulting


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