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Tilting table machine

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As the cutting is completed, the green cake is tilted back by 90° so that it sits on its wide, lengthwise side. At this point, a scraper is used to remove the bottom waste as well as clean the bed. Wastes that are washed off into the pit will be recycled, which results in cost savings. All these motions are driven by hydraulic cylinder and controlled via proportioning valves to ensure

Composed of L frame, large/small trolley, pushing device, locking device & automatic pilling device etc.

Turning cake for 90 degrees after cutting, cake & side plate separate, Scraping edge material around the body and clean it up, then combine the side plate& cake , return back. Go through stacking machine for semi-finished products, then back to curing car.
(1)Simple structure, flexible, stable, walk smoothly, don't damage the body, rate of finished product is up to 99%. Ensure that meet the cutting cycle 4.5 min or less running cycle.
(2). Turning table should have enough stiffness, non-deformation, large trolley contact surface machined level off, smooth, surface level1 mm.
(3). Peeling device blade can be adjustable.
(4)Hydraulic system & hydraulic piping layout is reasonable, easy to clean, reduce the bottom leather waste accumulated in the pipe.
Total weight(KG): 8120


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