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Key Design 
The packing section is highly customized and intelligent, allowing for the design of the optimal packaging process based on the customer's actual land space and production needs. With a simple and flexible design, it can meet production speed, optimize forklift working paths, and reduce production costs. Block packaging can be customized with or without pallets to cater to market trends.
White Cake Separating Machine
The separating machine adopts the fixed separating frame structure. When it works, the white cake can be lifted and separated, and the lifting stability is ensured through mechanical gear racks and hydraulic double synchronization.
The chucks of the separating frames are equipped with ball valves, together with gear and rack synchronization structure, which can perfectly ensure the separating accuracy.
AAC Clamping Machine
After separating, the white cake will be lifted to the next packing station. The clamping collets with independent ball valves can freely clamp blocks or panels.
When the collets release, the white cake can directly move by the packing conveyor without wasting time.

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