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Offering whole plant solutions including raw material test, plant layout design, equipment manufacturing, project managment of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete block and panel production line

AAC Plant Solution

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Autoclaved aerated concrete is a kind of wall material with many advantages, such as heat preservation, fire prevention, sound insulation, moisture-proof, environmental protection,recycled using etc. The AAC products with porous structure are lighter, and easier to cut, drill and construct which saves the labour cost.

We are specialized in providing services for the whole plant solution of autoclaved aerated concrete, including raw material testing, plant planning, customized equipment design, equipment manufacturing, pre delivery inspection, supervision of project site installation and personnel training. 

The Autoclaved Aerated Concrete production process includes raw material preparation, batching and mixing, pouring, precuring, cutting, autoclaving, and packing. With decades of experience in serving the AAC  production machinery industry, we can supply customers with quality AAC block/ panel plant solutions with capacity ranging from 80,000m3 to 40,000m3 per year.

Mixing period5-6 minutes
Pouring slurry temperature40-45 C
Cake curing time2.5-3.0h
Cake curing temperature45~55 C
Cake strength after curing0.15~0.18MPa
Autoclaved curing system Before-after autoclave0.5h
Vacuumize0.5h(0 ~ -0.06MPa)
Listing pressure1.5h(-0.06~1.3MPa)
Constant pressure8h(1.3MPa)
Releasing pressure1.5h(1.3~0MPa)


Raw Materials: 

Siliceous materials : Sand / Fly ash / Tailings containing silicon / Ceramic waste 

Calcareous material: Lime block + cement + gypsum 

Others: Aluminum powder paste 

Cement technical requirements as blow:

(1) Free CaO content should be not more than 1.5%, CaO content is 60%.
(2) NaCl & KCl content should be not more than1%~1.5%.
(3) Specific surface area 2500~3500cm3/g.
(4) Volume stability is qualified.
(5) Setting time initial setting 1~3h final setting 3~6h.
Main technical index for sand:

SiO2% K2O+Na2O% Organic matter Mica% SO3% Mud% Moisture content%
High-class 85 1 Qualified 0.5 1 3 8
Firs-class 75 3 5
Qualified product 65 5 1 2 8

Grain composition for sand:

High-class First-class Qualified product
2.5~5.0(round hole) 0 0
1.25~2.5(square hole) 10 10
0.16~0.25(square hole) 60 45
<0.16(square hole) 30 45

Lime :

Lime is also one of the main raw material. Its function is coordinating with cement to provide effective calcium oxide, than makes it working with SiO2, Al2O3 from silica material under hydrothermal condition to generate hydrated calcium silicate.  Effective calcium oxide content should be more than 65%, the best is more than 80%.

Aluminum paste ( powder):

Aluminum paste is according to JC/T 407 Aluminum Paste for AAC standard. Aluminum powder should be according to the current national standard.


The regulating effect of gypsum mainly reflects in deferring the speed of quick lime digesting & slurry thickening. 

According to the standard, water ratio is advisable to 0.60.

Water quality requirement

Content pH Cl-  (mg/L) SO42-(mg/L) Na+ +K+(mg/L) K+  (mg/L)
Operating range 6~9 <600 <1000 <450 <100