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Automatic Multifunctional Final Product Packing Section

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The packing section of KEDA AAC blcok production line can meet different packing specifications, the requirements of automatic rotary stacking of products and pallets distribution.


The collet can be controlled independently, and can be used in the production line of panels and blocks are produced in one mould at the same time, with the minimum separating thickness up to 50 mm.


Cake transferred machine

Cake transferred machine takes the structure similar to crane, which can clamp and lift white cakes by hydraulic pressure.

The clamping claw takes the combination type, the initial configuration may clamp cake with 1.2m in length, through the automatic adjustment of clamping claw, the cake with 1 m in length also can be clamped.

The transferred machine can stack cakes with 1.6m, 1.8m and 2.4m in height  and the clamping claw can rotate the cakes horizontally by 90 degree in order to achieve the stable cross stacking of cakes. When the length of cake is not integer multiple of pallet length (or panels and blocks are produced together in the same one mould ), the cake transferred machine can clamp the rest cakes onto the transition platform to wait for combining with other rest cakes. When the length of rest cakes can meet the pallet length, it will be clamped onto the pallet for the next packing section.

Packing mode with pallet or non-pallet can be changed automatically according to client's demand. Pallet recovery, inconsistent pallet size and the various  transportation height won't be  problems any more.


Robot Intelligent Packing System

The cakes are combined by packing line, meanwhile the robot rotates  pallets one by one to the designated position of the chain conveyor, where the pallet hole for forklift is perpendicular to the packing line. Then the robot clamps required layers of AAC blocks from the packing line and rotates them to the empty pallets. The robot intelligent packing system can be set flexibly to meet different requirements. With this advanced design, the operation efficiency can be improved greatly.


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