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Complete production plant solution–a new AAC plant in Turkey

As a leading AAC plant solution supplier in China, Keda Suremaker stands for holistic solutions when it comes  to raw material analysis, plant planning, R&D, manufacturing, construction guidance, production management, training, and marketing. With a profound understanding of the importance of project-related customer  service, Keda Suremaker has been successfully facing global challenges even during the COVID-19 pandemic. During recent years, Turkey has emerged as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and its booming economy has promoted the sustained and rapid development of the national construction industry. The  construction market is showing a strong vitality and demands more eco-friendly, efficient and energy-saving  building materials. With the advantages of lightweight construction, environmental protection, easy installation and other characteristics, AAC products stand out from other building materials and are trending with  regards to high construction standards and high quality.

Operating under Gemikaya Holding, Arkoz Gazbeton  rst developed an interest in AAC projects in 2017.  Gemikaya Holding has always been devoted to producing quality products and services to activate  local resources and reduce the dependency on foreign markets. The company considers research and  knowledge development as their social responsibility  towards respecting human-oriented environmental  values. With its strong investments, Gemikaya Holding is moving forward to become an important player  in the construction materials industry. Adhering to  their company vision, they are very careful in selecting their business partners. Their key considerations  include a high degree of automation, smooth process  production technology, understanding of AAC products, project services, and branding.

"When we rst came into contact with Arkoz, they  were already in consultations with various machinery suppliers from around the globe but at that  time the project did not progress. In March 2019, we arranged a team of experts including our CTO and  MD-assistant to visit Arkoz in Turkey for the rst  time. The exchange of technology and the planning  of the future market have enabled the teams of both  sides to reach a consensus. As the Vice President of  the China Aerated Concrete Association, we have  edited many National AAC standards and Industrial Standards over the years. In China, hundreds of  successful projects were implemented by our skilled  team using our technical know-how on AAC construction projects. This has created customers’ condence  in starting AAC projects with us. After our return to  China, we kept close contact with Arkoz on technical and business-related matters”, Mr. James Lee recalled, Overseas Sales Director of Keda Suremaker. 

After seven months of careful investigation, the Arkoz team visited China and during that time both parties developed the detailed scope of the contract. Finally, Keda Suremaker impressed Arkoz with its technical advantages in equipment technology,  reliable project service capabilities, and flexible financial policy. "A simple equipment supplier is unable to meet customers’ requirements. In addition to the high-quality equipment, project service and flexible financial solutions are becoming increasingly important. We offer much more in addition to production equipment  of high quality, to make sure that the customers’  success is at our core value", states Mr. Chadwick Chen, MD of Keda Suremaker. 

In January 2020, the Arkoz project contract came into force. However, the sudden outbreak of the pandemic posed a huge challenge to the manufacturing industry in China especially in the first quarter. To ensure the delivery as best as possible, the engineers of Keda Suremaker designed drawings at home and checked them online together. The administrative department submitted the company’s pandemic prevention and control regulations to the government and subsequently Keda’s factory resumed work through multiple shifts, reaching optimum productivity. Considering that the customer could  not come to China for inspection and ex-factory commissioning, the Keda team facilitated the process of  commissioning through online conferences and recorded videos.

Finally, the first shipment of equipment from China  started early May 2020, and the last batch of equipment was shipped in August of the same year. During  that time, the pandemic spread all over the world and Turkey was also facing great challenges. Arkoz  and Keda were both keen to establish a successful  start-up; the civil construction works were about to  be completed after many days of hard work. In order not to delay the installation progress, the Keda  Suremaker project services team arrived at the project site in August 2020. However, due to the outbreak of Covid-19, there was a shortage of workers  and priority was given to update the working plan  according to the actual human resources situation.  The project manager, Mr. Sean Yu, developed solutions for the on-site work for the entire project and  rened it into a complete standard, which was then  communicated with Arkoz. Based on great efforts on  both sides, the normative standards for the project  were then established and the installation work was  systematically carried out. When the project entered  the commissioning stage, the project manager introduced the characteristics of each piece of equipment  and presented the follow-up commissioning plan to  the Arkoz team.

In addition to local services, the Keda Suremaker  technical team of the Process Experimental Center  also provides remote online guidance for issues related to raw materials and production processes. In  January 2021, the first mould for AAC block production for the Arkoz project was successfully produced.  The project was offcially put into operation on the  first of March 2021 and the Keda project manager remained in the plant until April for local training and  operation management guidance. 

“During the process of project implementation, the  support of each department of our company and the  experience of the team are very important. We really  appreciated the understanding and hard work from  our customer and their local work team. It is commendable work during such a difficult time, and we  do it together”, Mr. Sean Yu said, the project manager from Keda. 

Facing the great challenge of the pandemic, Arkoz  and Keda Suremaker built a high standard of the modern high-end AAC production line in Samson, Turkey.  The new plant has now been fully completed and  commissioned, and the annual production capacity  reaches 450,000 cubic meters. A panel production  section is reserved for the future. The cutting system in the plant can cut six sides of the green cake  and can automatically process the grooves on the  green cake before autoclaving for panel production.  The processing waste can be recycled through a cutting pit by the slurry recovery system. The grooving  of green cake can greatly improve the production  efficiency of panels and reduce the investments for  equipment and construction of the white cake processing section. This also minimizes waste, noise and  dust pollution caused by the white cake processing. 

For the complete AAC plant solution, Keda Suremaker  can offer a complete project service roadmap dividing the entire project into four parts:

Part 1: Planning and design 

a)  Organize an expert team to visit the project site  and plan the whole plant layout according to  the land situation and raw material resources. 

b)  Congure the corresponding equipment scope  and investment overview according to the expected capacity and the level of automation. 

Part 2: Production and logistics 

a)  Develop a reasonable manufacturing plan  to ensure reliable delivery. 

b)  Provide various optional packaging and logistical  solutions in relation to project-specic requirements. 

c)   Ex-factory commissioning of all the main  equipment to ensure reliable quality. 

Part 3:  On-site installation and commissioning 

a)  Appoint an experienced project services team  to attend the local site before the rst batch  of equipment arrives at the site. Cooperate  with the site construction team to make sure  that the project progresses smoothly. 

b)  Provide complete support for conceptual  planning, equipment installation, electrical  commissioning, and process solutions. Besides  the local service team, the online remote service  team is always on call. 

Part 4: After-sales and training 

a)  Provide training and consulting services to  customers throughout the project’s full life  cycle, including but not limited to equipment  operation, safety guidance, equipment  maintenance, and process FAQs. 

b)  The Keda Suremaker Engineering Service Center  is responsible for spare parts and after-sales  support to ensure that after-sales needs can  be met at any time.

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