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Customized AAC plant solutions

As a leading enterprise in the AAC industry, Keda Suremaker has always been committed to providing customers with holistic AAC plant solutions, which depend entirely on all the relevant factors and prevailing conditions, such as available space, production capacity, climate, packaging, logistics, budget, and much more.  Nowadays, increasingly smart AAC plants powered by Keda Suremaker are commissioned for production.  How to improve production efficiency and obtain high-quality products more flexibly has always been an  important topic. Keda Suremaker has established excellent long-term relationships with customers in order  to jointly confront challenges and constantly optimize technology through practical research.

Keda Suremaker can deeply understand. For the new  projects, Keda Suremaker hopes to make innovative  adjustments in equipment and design planning to optimize functionality, which is strongly supported by  HGA. In March 2022, the two HGA AAC plants based  in the Anhui and Guangdong provinces were put into  production. 

Customized packing in the HGA Anhui AAC plant 

HGA Anhui is an important strategic pivot of the HGA  Group in East China. The plant is located in the Sanshan Economic Development Zone, Wuhu City, Anhui  Province, China. HGA Anhui plans to produce 800,000  cubic meters of AAC panels and blocks annually, as  well as provide integrated services and total solutions for green building systems.

The Keda Suremaker technical team and the HGA  management team communicated and discussed the  speci€cs around the HGA Anhui project several times  before putting forward some customized ideas and  design requirements for the packing section of the  plant. In particular, the following 3 aspects needed  to be considered: 

1.   The plant is a double-line facility with 20  autoclaves. All the equipment is installed in  one large workshop, and the packing section  of the two production lines is concentrated in  the middle of the workshop, which makes the  space for forklift transport more constraint. 

2.   In this plant, HGA hopes to produce varied sizes  of panel products. The plant capacity planning  is predominantly based on AAC panels, so the  packing volume of panel products is larger  compared to other facilities. 

3.   In order to improve the quality of AAC panels,  the customer needs to inspect and sort the finished panels. 

In response to the demands for panel packing, Keda  Suremaker provided the technical solutions discussed in the following. 

The clamping machine for the white cake can move  smoothly and accurately to the specific position. It is  equipped with 15 pairs of collectors with independent ball valves, which is convenient for transporting  the blocks and panels produced by the same mould  to different conveyor belts. When the collectors are  released, the products can immediately be transported on the conveyor to the next station, which  provides great savings in operation time.

In order to improve the packing efficiency, two independent panel conveyor lines and a combining conveyor line for blocks are positioned in the packing  area. Each panel conveyor line is equipped with many  rubber-covered supporters, which help transport the  panel in a stable manner and without breakage. The  two conveyor lines can be operated separately to  speed up production, increase efficiency and meet  the needs of high-capacity production. 

An additional panel sorting crane and two panel  sorting rail pulleys are installed behind the clamping machine. The sorting crane straddles the panel  conveyor lines and panel sorting rails. The sorting  crane clamps the panel on the conveyor in layers for  inspection. AAC panels requiring special post-processing are transported to the sorting chute, from  where a forklift truck transports the panels to the  post-processing area. 

A double-layer conveyor was applied in this project.  The lower layer was designed for pallet transport and  an upper layer for AAC block transport. It is possible  to store a certain number of pallets on the conveyor  to reduce the frequency of forklift pallet transport,  and also to reduce the floor space for the equipment. The above design solutions have been well received  in the actual production and operation. 

Flat cake autoclaving technology in the HGA Guangdong AAC plant 

More good news coming from the HGA Group relate to their HGA Guangdong plant, which produced more than 40,000 cbm of AAC panels in March this year.  HGA Guangdong is the first prefabricated building component enterprise introduced in the Qingyuan Area, Guangdong. In 2022, HGA Guangdong has set an annual target of producing and selling 330,000 cbm of AAC panels and 100,000 cbm of AAC blocks. Therefore, the breakthrough of 40,000 cbm of panel production in March is undoubtedly a strong support for this target. This project has added many new innovative elements, which has given more confidence to the technical teams of both sides to insist on innovation. 

At present, most of the Chinese AAC plants adopt the AAC production technology of the vertical cake autoclaving process. Both Keda Suremaker and HGA Group hope to have a project to explore the effect of flat cake autoclaving with Chinese equipment and technology. Keda Suremaker, as the leading supplier for AAC plant solutions in China, is actively exploring different AAC production solutions. The HGA Guangdong project is a successful example of cake cutting in an upright position combined with a flat cake autoclaving process for white cake separation. The flat cake autoclaving process shortens the actual autoclaving time and ensures an efficient production schedule, based on which mass production of AAC panels is achieved.

The AAC industry is now gradually entering the stage  of pursuing higher quality and wider application of  AAC products. For this reason, after scientific analysis and market research and based on the successful  case of the HGA Guandong Project, Keda Suremaker  has officially launched the AAC plant solution of cake  cutting in an upright position - green cake separating-flat cake autoclaving.

In this solution, a new green cake separating machine diffierent from the current technology was  launched. The green cake separating machine adopts  an intelligent electric mode without hydraulics. With  the special design of the structure, the machine can  separate panels from both sides of the cake synchronously to save time. Flexible and retractable combined separating heads at the top and bottom can  protect the concave and convex grooves of panels  without damage during separating. Compared to the  traditional design of the green cake separator, the  design structure of the Keda Suremaker green cake  separating machine is more conducive to cleaning  and maintenance. The green cake separating facilitates steam circulation between panels, especially  for the steam curing of thin panels, to meet the market demand for high-quality panel products.

Keda Suremaker provides customers with systematic  whole life cycle services for AAC production plants,  including raw material test and formula design, layout planning, equipment manufacturing, guidance  for local installation and operation, and personnel  training to ensure a successful start-up. Nowadays,  Keda Suremaker’s AAC plants are in operation all  over the world. The technology supplier is devoted to  benefiting its customers with the practical know-how  of AAC production and provides considerable services  to support successful operations.

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