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From Asia to the world Upgrade service through regional service

Due to the rapid development of prefabricated construction, China has gradually become one of the world’s  major producers of autoclaved aerated concrete products. In recent years, Keda Suremaker and its cooperative high-quality customers have continued to research, develop and promote innovation in the production  and application of autoclaved aerated concrete. With the latest achievements in the "elds of equipment research and product development, aided by their experience in product application, Keda Suremaker has enlarged it’s reach and established offices in Southeast  Asia, Central Asia, and South Asia, hoping to share its experience with the world, promoting the high-quality  development of autoclaved aerated concrete worldwide.

As mentioned in previous articles, in China, with the  development of prefabricated construction, more  and more AAC manufacturers choose to equip themselves with the ability to produce AAC panels. The  application potential of these panels is continuously  increasing.

As an AAC plant supplier, Keda Suremaker has upgraded the intelligent control system of the Keda  AAC production line in the past two years, in order  to better help their customers to produce high-quality products, reduce labor intensity, and facilitate  equipment operation and maintenance. The lifting  equipment was upgraded and equipped with servo  motors for more precise positioning; the horizontal  movement of all the lifting equipment is now based  on gear and rack transmission. To facilitate the production of panels, the grooving machine is equipped  with a re! ned bread head scraper, oblique knife  rough scraping and straight knife fine trimming, to  ensure a smooth surface of the cake. The intelligent  cutter library can automatically change cutters and  switch freely between six or eight grooving sizes  without manual cutter changing. Keda Suremaker  also launched the new green cake separation solution to meet the panel production requirements that  exist in some markets. The equipment and planning  design of the entire Keda Suremaker production line  has maximized the acceleration of the production  rhythm and reduced any unnecessary waste of resources and energy.

"The experience gained from hundreds of successful projects has given us the confidence to replicate  our expertise in technology and project services in  a broader range of markets. We have helped many  customers achieve success and we believe that we  can help even more customers succeed. In this process, we must understand the national conditions of  each country, be aware of the differences between  markets, and fully cooperate with international and  local resources to ensure efficient and stable project services. Now we are gradually and selectively  increasing our efforts in local cooperation in other  overseas regions, moving towards the path of enterprise internationalization." said Chadwick Chen,  Managing Director of Keda Suremaker.

Central Asia Office - Tashkent, Uzbekistan

In order to meet the growing needs of customers  in Central Asia and improve service efficiency, Keda  Suremaker has established a Central Asia office in  Tashkent, the largest city in Central Asia. 

Central Asia is vast in territory and currently experiencing rapid economic growth, making it one of the  most promising regions for the development of the  global construction industry. As a high-tech enterprise specializing in providing holistic autoclaved  aerated concrete plant solutions, Keda Suremaker  has set its sights on the Central Asian market. After years of market cultivation, Keda Suremaker has  successfully delivered projects in Uzbekistan and has  projects under construction in Tajikistan, Kazakhstan  and Kyrgyzstan.

Through a deep localization service model of “integrated marketing-engineering, services-parts, and  maintenance-application guidance,” the Central Asia  o# ce provides high-quality holistic AAC plant system  services to customers in the Central Asian region. "

"The establishment of our Central Asia office will provide our regional customers with a more convenient  and direct access to our services and products. The  local team at the Central Asia office has extensive  experience in the production and management of  autoclaved aerated concrete, having also been involved in the production and management of AAC  factories in Europe. They have a profound understanding of raw materials, processes, equipment  maintenance, product applications, and can provide  on-site guidance and analysis of raw materials, sales  of accessories, as well as training in application and  production management for customers at any time.  The office's deepening localization cooperation will  provide strong technical support for our Central  Asian customers." said James Lee, Keda Suremaker  Overseas Sales Director. Following the establishment of the Central Asia offfice in April 2023, Keda Suremaker officially established its Southeast Asia office in Surabaya, Indonesia, and its South Asia office in Dhaka, the capital of  Bangladesh. In the future, through joint efforts with  local teams, the company will provide professional  AAC production related services for customers in the  region and those planning to invest in the region. 

Southeast Asia Office - Surabaya, Indonesia 

As a world-class supplier of holistic autoclaved aerated concrete plant solutions, Keda Suremaker has  been deeply involved in the Indonesian market for a  long time. The company has established good cooperative relationships with top local enterprises and  jointly built multiple intelligent AAC factories. Indonesia is the largest construction market in  Southeast Asia. In 2022, the Indonesian parliament  passed the National Capital Law draft, confirming the  relocation of the capital from Jakarta to East Kalimantan Province. The preparatory phase will last from  2022 to 2024, and the implementation phase will  gradually unfold from 2025 to 2045, with a government-planned investment of about $32 billion. This  means that the country will need a large amount  of infrastructure construction in the next 10 years.

Under the strategic impact of Indonesia's capital relocation and sustainable development, autoclaved  aerated concrete, which is already widely used in  the Indonesian construction industry, will see a new  development peak in the Indonesian market. "Our local staff" have extensive experience in fullchain marketing and project services in Southeast  Asia. The successful establishment of the o# ce will  help to carry out compliance operations in Southeast  Asia, empower business work through technical and  service support, improve response speed, and provide  customers with more comprehensive and professional localized services." says Max Ma, Sales Manager  for Indonesia. 

South Asia Office - Dhaka, Bangladesh 

Bangladesh is located in the subcontinent of South  Asia, adjacent to China, India and the Association of  Southeast Asian Nations, and has a high degree of  industrial integration. The abundant population resources in Bangladesh and the local government's  policy support for optimizing building materials provide a fertile soil for the thriving development of the  AAC industry in the region. The establishment of this  office will serve the Bangladesh market while also  taking into account India and neighboring countries. Keda Suremaker has in recent years deepened its presence in the South Asian market and has already built multiple demonstration production lines  in Bangladesh and India. This office can better serve  South Asian countries and will play a bridging and  linking role, achieving all-round and three-dimensional services that integrate overseas storage, service and sales. 

"Although the AAC industry in Bangladesh is still in  its early stages, there is a trend towards rapid development based on factors such as raw materials, population, and the growth of the construction industry.  The AAC industry in India is currently experiencing  fast growth, with many new AAC factories starting  production every year. This makes the establishment of a South Asian office particularly relevant,  as we will utilize professional technical solutions  and services to create more efficient, intelligent,  and low-carbon AAC factories for customers in the  world's most populous region", said Mr. Aminul Islam  (Sohel), the General Manager of Keda Suremaker  local partner team.

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