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Assembly with the side plate.The mixed slurry feed into mould.The mould loading the slurry into the pre-cuiring room for curing. After pre-curing, the mould take the green cake to the de-moulding position and separating with the cake and side plate. The empty mould combines with another side plate and transport to the pouring position for pouring. The four around sides of mould adopt welded section steel as framework, which can ensure the good rigid, stable and non- deformed performance of the mould.With the function of position guide block for the mould locking, the mould locking precision can be ensured and also the sealing rubber can be protected from damage.

The inner plate of the mould adopts a bending structure to reduce the weld seam, and forms an arc angle through bending to achieve a smooth transition and effectively avoid sticking.

The upgraded equipment with crane function can ensure synchronization and accurate positioning of action.

The wheel set with flange structure can be used with the ferry, which is convenient for maintenance and reduces the types of spare parts.

Servo motor

Gear and Rack

Wheel Set