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Pouring Mixer

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The pouring mixer is a key element on the AAC panel production line. It keeps the concrete from hardening by constantly tumbling the mixture around. In the mixer, ingredients of desired proportion are blended and then poured into the mould for pre-curing. The pouring mixer can batch and mix products of different densities from B03- B07 grades. With the movable lifting pouring device, the problem of flushing away the de-moulding oil and forming big bubbles caused by traditional pouring method can be effectively solved. Quality concretes start from a good mix. Hence, to mix the ingredients evenly while maintaining an adequate level of mixing time and intensity provides the fundamental basis for producing quality AAC panels. Major parts that make up the concrete mixer include transmission mechanism, main shaft, mixing vessel, shock absorber, and access door for servicing.

The full mixing of slurry plays an important role in ensuring the process quality of products. Our patented design of double-layer cross blade and modular guide cylinder can ensure the mixing effect with lower energy consumption. The design is good for producing AAC of different densities from 250kg/m3 to 700kg/m3.

Patented Design

High Mixing Efficiency

Lower Energy Consumption

Stable Process Quality