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The Central Asia Office of KEDA SUREMAKER

We are pleased to introduce the Central Asia Office of KEDA SUREMAKER in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. As part of KEDA SUREMAKER’s global growth strategy, the Central Asia Office enable us to meet the growing needs of customers in Central Asia and improve service efficiency.

Central Asia is vast in territory and currently experiencing rapid economic growth, making it one of the most promising regions for the development of the global construction industry. As a high-tech enterprise specializing in providing holistic autoclaved aerated concrete plant solutions, KEDA SUREMAKER has set its sights on the Central Asian market. After years of market cultivation, KEDA SUREMAKER has successfully delivered projects in Uzbekistan and has projects under construction in Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Through a deep localization service model of “integrated marketing-engineering, services-parts, and maintenance-application guidance,” the Central Asia Office provides high-quality holistic AAC plant system services to customers in the Central Asian region.

"The establishment of our Central Asia office will provide our regional customers with a more convenient and direct access to our services and products. The local team at the Central Asia office has extensive experience in the production and management of autoclaved aerated concrete, having also been involved in the production and management of AAC factories in Europe. They have a profound understanding of raw materials, processes, equipment maintenance, product applications, and can provide on-site guidance and analysis of raw materials, sales of accessories, as well as training in application and production management for customers at any time. The office's deepening localization cooperation will provide strong technical support for our Central Asian customers." said James Lee, KEDA SUREMAKER Overseas Sales Director.

   +86-555-2113600
   2887, Tianmen Rd, Economic & Technological Development Zone, Ma’anshan, Anhui Prov., China

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