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High- precision AAC Product
The cutting system of KEDA SUREMAKER Autoclaved Aerated Concrete production line is the core section of AAC production, the advanced technology can ensure the smooth production process.

With KEDA design, the cutting system can guarantee the cutting effect of block/panel products with high precision.
De- Moulding Machine
Mould turning 90 degree
 The crank arm installed with pulley can open and close the mould smoothly reducing wear. The patented opening and closing device with special limit design can ensure the positioning accuracy.
Grooving Device
for Panel Production 
Process the semi-finished products of green cake, accurately cut out the groove at the joint of the panel instead of processing the white cake, so as to improve efficiency and reduce the construction cost. 

Horizontal Cutting Machine
All the steel wire columns are fixed on two main oblique beams of cutting machine and each pair of the columns is used to fix only one steel wire, the horizontal cutting machine can solve the settlement cracks problem in thin block and panel cutting and achieve the minimum horizontal cutting thickness of 50mm block.
Vertical Cutting Machine
The vertical cutting machine adopts large swing frame with low swing frequency to ensure the smooth cutting surface. The swing guide of the swing frame adopts the slide structure of the guide rail with high guide precision. Mechanical synchronous lifting frame structure can ensure that the side plate exchanging is stable without shaking. Each cylinder is equipped with a single check throttle valve.