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Pre-curing & Cutting System

After pouring, the mould with slurry is transported to the pre-curing room, where chemical reaction of the slurry results in rising and formation of porous green cake in the mould. Then the green cake will be cut to the required dimensions of products and the six sides of the cake will be cut to smooth surface by the cutting system. The waste materials cut from the green cake can be directly dropped into the waste pit and recycled use by the waste recycling system. The panel grove is also processed before autoclaving so that the waste materials can be directly recycled which can avoid much solid dry waste and saving energy comparing with the post processing of panel groove.

Pre-curing & Cutting System

   The lifting adopts hydraulic lifting and gear rack forced mechanical synchronization, which is stable and reliable, with high synchronization and good safety.
   After being driven by motor & reducer, the walking of demoulding machine is guided by gear rack and combined with dynamic detection of precision detection encoder to ensure accurate walking positioning, stable and reliable operation.
   The mould opening and closing device adopts the hydraulic linear pushing mode to open and close the mould.
   The walking wheel and vehicle body are connected by end face flange, which is convenient for maintenance.

Grooving Machine

Fine bread head scraper, oblique knife rough scraping &straight knife fine scraping to ensure the smooth surface of the green cake. Smart grooving cutters changing system can change cutters automatically to meet different cutting requirements of panel grooving sizes.
Cutters Can Be Changed Automatically

Cutting Machine

Horizontal Cutting Machine
In order to solve the problem of settlement crack. we have developed the cable staved beam horizontal cutting machine. Multiple pairs of wire hanging columns are set on the inclined beam, and only one steel wire is hung on each pair of wire hanging columns. With the special design. the settlement crack or tai collapse can be avoided Each hanging wire post can be adjusted, which is more conducive to ensure the cutting accuracy.
   Patented Design
   Super Smooth & Thin Panel Cutting
   Multiple Pairs of Independent Hanging Wire Posts
   No Settlement Crack or Collapse
Vertical Cutting Machine
The swing frame of vertical cutting machine equipped with guide rail slider can swing with low frequency and large amplitude so as to ensure the swing accuracy and make the cutting surface more smoothly. The mechanical synchronous lifting frame structure ensures the stability of green cake lifting without shaking.

In the new generation design scheme the green cake lifting device can be set under the ground to simplify the structure of the vertical cutting machine, optimize the space and the automatic steel wire replacement device can be an option.
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