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Needle wax dipping

1   Needles holder
2  Needles cleaner
3  Wax dipping tank
4  Saddle frame

Automatic anti-corrosion

5  Automatic saddle frame conveyor
6  Mesh cages assembling conveyor
7  Electric saddle frame transport platform
8  Anti-corrosion tank


Automatic reinforcement

9  Dryer conveyor chain
10 Anti-corrosion section crane
11  Drying box
12  Inserting crane
Saddle Adjustment & Steel-needle Replacement 
gantry robot for saddle adjustment 
gantry robot for steel-needle collecting 
gantry robot for steel-needle placing 
steel-needle collecting device 
steel-needle storage marshalling machine 
steel-needle distribution device
The mesh cages preparation section is for producing AAC panels. The steel bars are welded automatically into mesh pieces for anti-corrosion and drying treatment and then wait for inserting into the slurry.
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