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Our mother company, Keda Industrial Group Co., Ltd, founded in 1992 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2002 (Stock Code: 600499), owns more than 40 subsidiaries covering sectors:   AAC whole plant solution, ceramic machinery, stone machinery and other building materials machinery etc. The company has set up subsidiaries in India, Turkey, Italy and established more than 10 overseas production bases in the world.


Anhui KEDA Industrial Co.,Ltd (KEDA SUREMAKER), as the subsidiary of KEDA Industrial Group, taking over around more than 170 acre land area in Foshan and Maanshan cities with the annual capacity of producing more than 50 AAC production lines, stands for technical sophisticated complete AAC plant solutions when it comes to the raw material analysis, plant planning, research and development, manufacturing ,construction guidance, management of production , training and marketing.  


KEDA SUREMAKER is the vice president unit of China Aerated Concrete Association and also the R&D quarter of China's 13th five year plan. The company owns an electrical experiment center and a provincial engineering technology research center ( process experimental center ).

The electrical experiment center provides professional team service support for the project, is an important training base for the electrical knowledge training of internal and external projects of the company, and also an important research and development base for the company to follow the direction of national intelligent development and develop new product technology and application test.

The process experiment center provides full life cycle services such as raw material analysis, process test,  site production and commissioning for the project. It is an important training base for the process knowledge training of internal and external projects of the company, and an important research base for the research and development of autoclaved aerated concrete process and the special topic of solid waste utilization under green circular economy.

At present, the company has:
91 invention patents, 37 of which have been accepted for authorization;
There are 183 patents for utility models, of which 4 patents for utility models that have been authorized have been accepted;
One patent for design.


As the editor in chief, the company compiled five national standards:

GB / t29058-2012 general rules for safety technical requirements of wall material industrial machinery
Code for design of aerated concrete plant (GB 500990-2014)
GB / t15762-2020 autoclaved aerated concrete slab
GB / T 11969-2020 test methods for properties of autoclaved aerated concrete
GB / t11968-2020 autoclaved aerated concrete block

Also has compiled 12 industry standards, participated in the compilation of 1 industry standards.



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