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AAC production line

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The man-machine separation is realized by the visual man-machine interface in the central control room, which greatly ensures the safety of labour, reduces the labour cost and improves the overall automation level of the production line.



[AAC Machinery] Automatic Multifunctional Final Product Packing Section

The packing section of KEDA AAC blcok production line can meet different packing specifications, the requirements of automatic rotary stacking of products and pallets distribution.The multifunctional final product packaging system can realize the functions of combing, sorting, stacking high, and also can realize the packing with pallet or non-pallet.



[AAC Machinery] 【Automatic Reinforcement 】Saddle Frame Cycle System

The whole reinforcement process of AAC panel production line is smooth and highly automatic, reducing ineffective material consumption, saving space and labour costs for these sections.



[AAC Machinery] 【Energy Saving】Dosing & Mixing Section

This section plays an important role in Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Produciton. As the core equipment of AAC block/ panel production line, the pouring mixer has a crucial impact on the AAC production efficiency , energy efficiency saving and final products quality.



[NEWS] Tailings can be wall material !Ceramic tailings for AAC production raw material!

Tailings can be wall material !Ceramics tailings for AAC production raw material! To Build Autoclaved aerated concrete plants-KEDA SUREMAKER KEDA is an experienced project organization and technology provider for Autoclaved aerated concrete machineries.


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