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The process experiment center of KEDA SUREMAKER is composed of chemical analysis room, instrument room and process room, and equipped with scanning electron microscope, X-ray diffractometer, laser particle sizer and many other instruments and equipment, which can carry out particle size analysis, spectral analysis, chemical analysis, phase analysis, micro morphology analysis, etc. Providing customers with a full range of comprehensive services, including raw material analysis, process experiment, on-site production, personnel training and life cycle service support.

In response to the requirement of green economic development, KEDA makes research and development on the utilization of solid wastes, such as fly ash, granite, incineration of domestic waste, porcelain clay, lead-zinc tailings, gold tailings, cocoon stone tailings and stone powder, etc. Through analysis and experimental research on process formula, a certain proportion of solid wastes can be used as siliceous materials.
The utilization of solid wastes
Raw material analysis
The quality testing of AAC product 
Some published papers

  • Influence of constant temperature time on properties of autoclaved aerated concrete and discussion on hydration mechanism
  • Discussion on strength of autoclaved aerated concrete
  • Study on preparation of B05 grade aerated concrete from ceramic waste
  • Talking about the pore structure of autoclaved aerated concrete and its influencing factors
  • The important role of calcium silicon ratio in autoclaved aerated concrete production
  • Study on preparation of autoclaved aerated concrete block from ceramic waste
  • Study on autoclaved aerated concrete in CaO-SiO2-H2O system
  • Analysis of heat consumption and energy saving ways of autoclaved aerated concrete products
  • Characteristics of pulverized coal boiler fly ash and circulating fluidized bed boiler fly ash and their influence on the properties of autoclaved aerated concrete
  • Standard of sand siliceous materials for AAC and its requirements in enterprise production
  • Utilization and research progress of solid waste in autoclaved aerated concrete
  • Preparation of autoclaved aerated concrete panel from municipal solid waste incinerator slag
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