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R&D Strength

We always take technological innovation as the core driving force. 30% of our employees are engaged in technology research and development. With our own professional technical research institutions and post doctoral research stations, we cooperate with Tongji University for further research and has undertaken the 13thfive-year national project. Our R&D achievements are tested in the technology center of the company, and we usually invite Siemens, Schneider and other international well-known suppliers to conduct joint evaluation.

Leading The Standardization Work

KEDA SUREMAKER has successively edited 5 national standards, 12 AAC industry standards and 2 group standards.

Leading The Industry Development

100 Years of AAC | The 7th International Conference on AAC Successfully Ended

On September 8, 2023, the 7th International Conference on Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (7ICAAC) successfully concluded in Prague, Czech Republic.The event was held for 3 days. Over 336 professional representatives interested in AAC from 35 countries were attracted, including experts from scientific i

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Great news that KEDA SUREMAKER is now a member of EAACA!

Great news that KEDA SUREMAKER is now a EAACA member!

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39th Annual Meeting of China Aerated Concrete Association and 2019 AAC International Forum

The 39th annual meeting of China Aerated Concrete Association and 2019 AAC International Forum was held by CACA and KEDA SUREMAKER successfully in Ma'anshan during 4th DEC to 6th DEC. This meeting attracted more than 800 participants, provided a platform for international experts.

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KEDA SUREMAKER signs a new AAC facility( 200,000m³ )project with Zhejiang Kaiyuan which introduced a factory manufactured by WEHRHAHN in 2004

Recently, KEDA SUREMARKER and ZHEJIANG KAIYUAN NEW WALL MATERIALS Co., Ltd. signed on the second phase of 200,000 cubic meters AAC project successfully. Zhejiang Kaiyuan is a subsidiary of Zhejiang Kaiyuan Tourism Group. In 2004, it invested RMB 180 million to introduce the automatic production of A

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Process Technology Experimental

  • The experimental center provides whole life service, including raw material analysis, formula design, production guidance (On site & Remote), final sample performance test and expertise necessary training.
      Raw material analysis 
    Analyze the quality of customers' raw materials and issue raw material analysis report. Provide data support for the selection and determination of raw materials and process commissioning of the project.
      Formula design 
    According to the analysis report, design the basic formula, make small samples and judge whether the materials can be used in actual production.
      Production guidance (On site & Remote) 
    Ensure the smooth production of high quality AAC products to meet the needs of the local market.
      Final sample performance test 
    Test the produced samples: compressive strength, drying shrinkage, frost resistance, thermal conductivity and other type inspection indexes.
    The basic expertise necessary training are supplied for our customer to ensure trouble-free operation of the AAC plant.
  • Published more than 10 papers: 
    1. Influence of constant temperature time on properties of autoclaved aerated concrete and discussion on hydration mechanism 
    2. Discussion on strength of autoclaved aerated concrete 
    3. Study on preparation of B05 grade aerated concrete from ceramic waste 
    4. Talking about the pore structure of autoclaved aerated concrete and its influencing factors 
    5. The important role of calcium silicon ratio in autoclaved aerated concrete production 
    6. Study on preparation of autoclaved aerated concrete block from ceramic waste 
    7. Study on autoclaved aerated concrete in CaO-SiO2-H2O system 
    8. Analysis of heat consumption and energy saving ways of autoclaved aerated concrete products 
    9. Characteristics of pulverized coal boiler fly ash and circulating fluidized bed boiler fly ash and their influence on the properties of autoclaved aerated concrete 
    10. Preparation of autoclaved bricks from waste aerated concrete 
    11. Standard of sand siliceous materials for AAC and its requirements in enterprise production 
    12. Utilization and research progress of solid waste in autoclaved aerated concrete 13. Preparation of autoclaved aerated concrete panel from municipal solid waste incinerator slag
In response to the requirement of green economic development, we do research and development on the utilization of solid wastes, such as fly ash, granite, incineration of domestic waste, porcelain clay, lead-zinc tailings, gold tailings, cocoon stone tailings and stone powder, etc. Through analysis and experimental research on process formula, a certain proportion of solid wastes can be used as siliceous materials.

Application Research

   The promotion and popularization of product quality standards and application level is the core lifeline of the sustainable development of the industry. KEDA SUREMAKER is the editor of national standards such as performance test method of autoclaved aerated concrete, autoclaved aerated concrete block and autoclaved aerated concrete slab, etc. As the member of EAACA, we also plan to study and discuss the worldwide product quality inspection standards suitable for practical application.
   The key technology of prefabricated residential electricity is to reserve and embed the pipelines in the prefabricated structure. KEDA SUREMAKER has researched and developed a drilling device for reserved holes according to the reservation requirements of AAC panel pipelines.

Automation Research Centre

  • The automation research center provides customers with all-round comprehensive services, including full life cycle project services, knowledge discussion and training related to the electrical control and operation of autoclaved aerated concrete production line, intelligent technology research and development, upgrading and application testing. 
       According to the needs of the project - establish an exclusive team for the project 
       Customized electrical scheme drawing design
       Initial funding to the Design Institute / electrical schematic drawings / electrical layout design of the whole line
       Installation, commissioning and production guidance of on-site electrical hardware
       Standardized software program debugging to achieve rapid production
       Centralized laboratory training, base training, on-site operation training and teaching auxiliary materials, answering questions and solving doubts
       Cloud maintenance, remote data monitoring and management
  •    Production data - Real-time display
       Smart Chart - Visual transmission of information
       Dynamic monitoring-early warning system
       Advanced Planning and Scheduling 
    Large-screen kanban is set on the key positions of the production line. In addition to the main screen of the dispatching center, the kanban of raw material tank, pouring record, equipment management and autoclave are also set.
    Automatically calculate and output scheduling results. Improve the utilization rate of mould and improve production efficiency, reduce production management and operation costs. Available for PC and mobile devices.
   +86-555-2113600
   2887, Tianmen Rd, Economic & Technological Development Zone, Ma’anshan, Anhui Prov., China

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