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With rich experience from hundreds of successful projects, KEDA SUREMAKER is committed to building AAC plants with the development concepts of reducing carbon footprint, environmental protection and intelligence, leading and promoting the development of the AAC industry.

Customized: The AAC plant will be customized to our customers’ specific requirements, all the relevant factors and conditions, such as available space, production capacity, climate, packing, logistic, budget, and much more will be taken into account.
Intelligence: intelligent data, interconnection, environmental detection.
Flexible: The production capacity and product specifications are flexible, which can meet the demands of different customers.
Energy saving: Zero system waste, low energy requirements and minimal consumption of raw materials. Meet the requirements of reduce carbon footprint and sustainable development.
Durable: High quality material, craftsmanship and whole-hearted service ensure the long-term, efficient and stable operation of the AAC factory.
Vertical Cake Autoclaving
The plant design is compact and convenient for the product sorting and packaging. It is the classic design of AAC plant layout planning.
Flat Cake Autoclaving
The flat cake autoclaving is recommended for producing AAC panel, and the green cake separation or the white cakes eparation can be options.

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  • We are pleased to work with KEDA SUREMAKER. KEDA is not only a simple equipment manufacturer, but also a solution provider for the assessment of raw materials, plant design, guidance, commissioning, training and other services to ensure the success of the project. Compared to the traditional red clay brick, AAC products have more advantages. In addition to the surrounding Samsun region, we will also sell our AAC products to Istanbul. On the international market, we have exported our products to Georgia and plan to sell them to European countries in the future. Arkoz will also continue to work with KEDA SUREMAKER on the existing basis to expand the future product range to AAC panels. Dr. Cengiz ÇELİK, MD of Arkoz.June, 2021
  • KEDA holds a lot of potential for future expansion of their operations. It is a big responsibility to be the number one in China, and I hope to see equivalent developments all over the world in the future. We are very glad to work with KEDA and their brilliant staff.Baurzhan Baimukhanov, Head of Ecoton Group.December, 2022
  • I had a fuel injection issue, and that's why I turned to this service! They fixed everything and even washed my car for free! I’m glad that I went there, the people working there also gave me warranty.Richard Smith01 October, 2017
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