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Manufacture Center of KEDA SUREMAKER
The production and manufacturing base of KEDA SUREMAKER has blanking workshop, welding workshop, machining workshop, NC machining center workshop, painting workshop, assembly workshop, finished product warehouse, electrical workshop and new product R&D and testing center. Introduce advanced equipment, such as gantry flame cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, large bending and forming equipment, Panasonic industrial robot, Panasonic carbon dioxide digital welding machine, Lincoln submerged arc welding, spectrum analyzer, X-ray flaw detection, C-type supporting double station automatic robot welding system, well annealing and quenching and tempering furnace heat treatment equipment, large-scale automatic shot blasting and spraying production line, 14m NC boring and milling machine, 8m CNC gantry boring and milling machining center, 4m CNC boring and milling machining center, TK6920 large floor boring, small giant vertical and horizontal machining center, five axis machining center, engraving machine, 260t large lifting equipment, etc., with the processing and manufacturing capacity of 50 AAC production lines per year.
The manufacturing engineer team covers welding, machining, numerical control, testing and other professional fields, with 83 welding related project qualifications. The product production progress and quality can be effectively controlled in the process of processing and manufacturing with SAP integrated system, MES workshop management system, SCM supply chain management system, OA automation office system and other advanced production information management systems, covering planning, production scheduling, material distribution, inspection and confirmation, office etc.
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